Avoiding HOA Pitfalls for Realtors

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Realtors

Dear Real Estate Professional:

If there’s one thing real estate professionals are good at, it’s overcoming challenge after challenge. Dedication is often the main reason Realtors® succeed because it’s what keeps you coming back day after day. This dedication is what fuels your desire to continue learning so that you can offer the best service possible to your clients.

Unfortunately, if there’s one area many Realtors® struggle to overcome its Homeowner Associations (HOAs). There are innumerable variables for you as the Realtor® when working with a client who desires to buy into a specific HOA, as every HOA is managed differently. Not only are there not a lot of opportunities for Realtors® to further their education about HOAs, but so many don’t even realize that this will be a potential stumbling block for you and your client until it’s too late.

That’s where I come in and it is what I would like to do with this blog. I would like to share operational information to help Realtors® better understand the nuances of HOAs and how to avoid the HOA pitfalls along with using HOA knowledge to improve your bottom line. Some of the topics we can start with are below (or any other topic of concern you may have) and you are invited to take a look at my website www.hoaconsultingtraining.com and check out the quick videos on topics to help your clients Avoid HOA Pitfalls so that they Buy and Thrive in their new community.

  • Understanding HOA Governance
  • HOA Power and Responsibilities vs.
  • Homeowner Power and Responsibilities
  • HOA Management Company Duties and Responsibilities
  • HOA Board Meeting Procedures
  • HOA Budgets and Financial Statements
  • Successfully Navigating and Overcoming HOA Conflict
  • How/when to communicate with the HOA

For over three decades I have worked as a HOA manager, as well as a home builder, developing hundreds of new HOAs in coordination with the relevant state Department of Real Estates. I have also worked as the chief operating officer in a multi-state HOA management company. My dedication to HOA education lead me to create, produce, and co-host a live radio talk show in San Diego known as Condo Talk (1996-1997). By serving on hundreds of HOA boards and attending tens of thousands of HOA meetings, of all kinds, I can confidently say that no one is more qualified than myself to help realtors truly understand HOAs, backwards and forwards, inside and out.


David L. Norvell, J.D.

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