Community Dispute Resolution Services

Need help resolving community issues between HOA board members and homeowners, home builders and HOAs, neighbors, or home builders and clients? Using a professional mediator to facilitate dispute resolution can help avoid litigation, legal fees, and complex courtroom procedures.

Through mediation, David will help guide both parties through the complexity of the HOA governing documents and the specifics of any HOA or neighbor dispute. He is not an advocate for either side; his role is to guide and facilitate the process.

Have your voice heard! Work through your issues and resolve your dispute in a safe environment.The goal is for all parties to reach a reasonable, fair, and appropriate resolution.

Just some of the community disputes that can be addressed through mediation are issues related to:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Design review or design guidelines
  • Rules enforcement
  • Interpretation of the CC&R/By-Laws
  • Disagreements with how the common area is maintained

Mediation and dispute resolution services include:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator Services
  • Internal Dispute Resolution Mediator Services—Meet and Confer Process
  • HOA Board Mediation/Dispute Training
  • Community Manager Mediation/Dispute Training
  • Home Builder Mediation
  • Mediation Advocate — Learn what to expect in mediation to be better prepared