We’re professional, they’re emotional!

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this morning at the CACM Fall Forum in Rancho Cordova. Although I take care of the financial reporting and do not deal directly with homeowners as consistently as association managers, I do handle my share of ornery, confrontational, and unreasonable members. The information you provided will definitely help me deal with them in the future. I especially like: We’re professional, they’re emotional!

Patti Hooper MBA CAFM

A Problem Solver and Extremely Effective Mediator

I have been working with Dave Norvell in the new homebuilding business and Homeowners Association (HOA) business since 1996. I have personally witnessed Dave’s abilities and dedication to his craft. Dave finds himself in a very select group of people that have a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the HOA environment.

Dave managed the creation and development of numerous new HOA Communities, including the review of the budget preparation process and startup of the professional Community management team.

As the original Board President for each new Community, Dave was involved with the challenging task of educating new Homeowners on the function of the HOA Community.

As the liaison between the builder and the Community, Dave was in the position to address the unique issues that arise with any new homebuilding project and HOA startup, and Dave has always been able to find a way to solve HOA concerns and effectively mediate disputes, whether between the builder and the HOA or between a Homeowner and the HOA.

I do not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone with issues or challenges regarding anything HOA.

Paul Mayeski

HOA Inspections and HOA Maintenance Manuals, ProTec Building Services

An Effective and Thorough Teacher

Dave recently visited our CityMark Realty team to discuss HOAs and what homebuyers should know when moving into an HOA. Dave’s expertise and real life HOA experience/examples made it easy for all of us to better understand about HOAs and how to effectively serve our clients when searching for a property with a HOA.

Dave took his time in answering all of our questions (we had many!) and encouraged us to contact him should we have any additional questions even after the class concluded.

I highly recommend Dave to speak to your Real Estate team about HOAs. There is a lot to learn and you will not be disappointed!

Raquel Christian

Senior Sales Associate, Realtor®

It was pleasure attending the Coachella Valley Fall Forum yesterday. Your presentation was phenomenal.

Tiffany W., CCAM-LS.AA

Well Rounded and Knowledgeable

As a senior community manager I’ve worked with Dave Norvell on multiple master communities including condos and single family homes. His knowledge in not only HOA, but construction, development, and legality makes working with him smooth for myself and The Boards. Dave’s hands on effort and great communication is what sets him above the rest.

Raven Esquivel

Owner, Corvus Management and Consulting, Inc.